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Unique Ideas of Wedding Wear Dresses to Inspire Your Big Day

Every season is the wedding season. Due to a well-established family system, weddings are inevitable for all of us throughout the year. When you get an invitation to your friend’s or family person’s wedding, the first question that comes to mind is “What should I wear?”. And yes your dress is going to create an impression on people you will meet in the ceremony so dressing nicely is essential. But no need to fret when you have the internet to search for the countless ideas about wedding wear dresses to help you pick the best for you.

Here is a precise guide to choosing a wedding dress

Ideas for Brides

Seems like your big day is near, so you must look your best and be the most sparkling sight in the room. Choose your wedding dresses according to the style that represents you and stands out but here is a little walk through the ideas of variety in the market and online.

Mix and match the colors for Mehndi Dress

Isn’t it so great that bridal mehndi dresses are no longer confined to yellow and green? The brands making wedding suits for women pay special attention to mixing and matching colors to make a unique piece for every bride. This sets examples for new brides to be that your look is not limited to few colors. For example

  • you can wear a yellow dress with an orange dupatta with jewelry pieces made out of flowers.
  • or you can wear a lightly embroidered green dress with golden yellow beadwork on it and a multicolor net dupatta.
  • or you can wear a lehenga or frock with multiple mehndi colors like pink, yellow, orange, green, etc. It would represent your colorful personality on your big day.

Heavily Embroided Dress in Shades of Red and Maroon for Baraat

It is not only an ultimate glam day but a day for you to say and sign the vows to start a new life as a married woman. If the occasion is not less special, then why your dress should be? Opt for the classic subcontinent bride colors like red and maroon to vibe with the moment.

Wedding suits for women especially for baraat are mostly made in these epic colors. Here are few ideas you can consider

  • A maroonish red frock with golden and red beadwork on the chest area and a dupatta with light embroidery on lower areas and trousers.
  • Full maroon lehenga with silver and red beadwork on it.
  • The long red shirt with silk trousers and heavily embroidered dupatta with beadwork.

Neutral Colors and Light Beadwork for Walima

Walima is the time when everyone gets together to greet the married couple and to eat because walima is sunnah. You can go light and wear something comfortable to sit and watch the guests while your cousins and photographers take your pictures.

The wedding suits for women to wear in walima would look best in neutral colors such as beige, off-white, indigo, or other elegant colors. Hers’s how you can style these colors

  • wear a silver or off white frock with a light pink dupatta
  • or wear a light purple short shirt with palazzo pants and a heavy dupatta with silver embroidery
  • you can also wear a lehenga for walima in given colors but it would prove to be a one-time wear

Ideas for Non-Brides

If you are the bride’s sister, best friend, or cousin then you can be more creative and edgy with your outfits. You can add unconventional colors to your outfits as nonbridal wedding outfits for women have the chance to be flexible.

No matter what your style personality is, you can choose a wedding dress as you like and of the colors, you look great in. For your perfect selfies while keeping comfort and practicality in perspective, here are few ideas for you

Elegant Dresses for Mehndi in Many Colors

Pinterest is full of such style ideas and they keep upgrading with every passing year. While the market might offer you the styles that are already everywhere, the brands are more specific in creating their pieces.

Branded wedding wear dresses are a bit expensive but the uniqueness still stands out. Here are few ideas for mehndi outfits

consider a simple organza or jacquard shirt in colors like light green, orange, grape green, or even brown with jamavaar trousers or tights. These would look gorgeous. You can also wear silk trousers with these shirts.

a chiffon frock in any of mehndi colors with a silk trouser and a fancy patch on the neck or back would look simple yet amazing. This would also be comfy.

a lehenga in an off-white or cream color with golden or brown embroidery on it would give a whole other example of sophistication as these colors reflect decency.

Long Dress in Bold Colors for Baraat

Long dresses can radiate glamor on a whole other level if worn according to body type and correct fitting. Baraat is a perfect occasion for wearing the reddish, maroonish, or golden dress because these are mainly the colors that give such occasions vibes.

Wedding outfits for women are made with fabrics like chiffon, silk, organza, or jacquard so choosing between these fabrics would give you a chance to keep it simple yet classy and exactly according to the occasion. Here are some ideas about styles

  • a long maxi dress in any of the preferred colors with a light dupatta and fancy tights
  • a toe-length shirt with heels and golden tights would give you that gorgeous lady look women root for. Just make sure that the fitting is right.

Light and Neutral Shades for Walima

Among all functions, walima allows the most flexibility to non brides in the wedding. You can wear any color other than full red or full maroon and it would rock your look.

Wedding wear dresses are made with different degrees of embroidery and beadwork so you can choose according to your taste in any color and fabric you like.

You can mix and match according to your taste and there are so many other styles of dresses possible for weddings. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for the ceremony and in the right colors.


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