What Is SEO and How does it work?

What is seo and how does it works_ – My Bloghow seo worksWhat is seo and how does it worksWhat Is SEO and How does it work_ – My Blog

What is seo? Seo stands for search engine optimization.It improves website organic visibility in search engines like Google and Bing.It is important to increase the website traffic for most brands.It also does not depend on continual reinvestment like paid marketing.There are two techniques to do seo of a website.One is white hat seo.Second is black hat seo.Both can generate results in short term,but Google may penalize black hat techniques. Some black hat techniques are copying content from other high ranking websites,invisible text and keywords stuffing,cloaking and redirecting,making spammy links.


Seo is done on the page.That is know as on-page seo.Seo is also done off the page That is known as off-page seo .Some technical aspects of website is also optimized.That is known as technical seo.To improve web site seo one should focus on finding relevant keywords,creating great content,improving website structure,optimizing on-page ,.building more backlinks in off-page seo,optimizing for local searches.The results of seo of a website may appear after six months.

SEO is a set of processes that help website to rank higher in the organic results of Google and other search engines






seo works.

Significance of seo.

The main difference between seo and paid advertising—ppc is that an seo strategy involves organic ranking which means you don’t pay to be listed.Instead one rank up just by having the best content on that topic.On the other hand,paid advertising,like ppc ads,lets companies pay to sit at the top of Google.Rather than getting traffic for free one will have to pay every time somone clicks on one,s ad.It is good to run seo and ppc campaigns together,to get maximum traffic on website.

Steps in doing seo of a website.

In doing seo of a website ,the first step is keywords research and selection.Keyword research is the process of finding keywords—-the phrases people enter into Google.Good keywords research will help in ranking up ‘”. Use tools like Google keyword planner,Semrush or Ahref to find relevant keywords with decent search volume and low competition.One should select long tail keywords.long tail keywords are phrases that get super specification.They are often easier to rank up and they bring targeted traffic.

To find out such phrases one should use tool Ubersuggest.So to select best keywords,one should use tools ,one should learn about semantics,one should understand the intent of user,one should have an eagle eye on the competator”s keywords.Sprinkle keywords throughout the content naturally and there should not be stuffing of keywords in content . .The content should be of high quality.It is said conten is king.Content should be relevant and should match with user intent . .HTMLNext step is optimization of html.In HTML elements to be optimized are title tag meta description schema subheadings Alt text ,URL slug.Title tag tells search engines what your page is about.Title tag must contain keywords.The meta description describes page to search engines.It appears in Google results under title tag—telling the searcher what the content is about.It must contain keywords and should consist of 160 characters.Schema is a form of makup that helps search engines to understand more about page.Specifically it breaks down each part of content and tells to search engines what those parts mean.Subheadings help structure the content making it easy for search engines and users to read. They must contain keywords.One example of subheading is h1 .May include a long tail keyword. May consist of 70characters.All subheadings h1,h2,h3,h4 should be optimized.Alt text ,One writes alt text to describe the images in a page.Alt text enables search engine to describe the image to people who are visually impaired. Alt text may contain keywords.The URL slug is the part of the URL that tells Google what the content is about.It is a way to tell both user and Google what the content is about before they read it and helps them to navi gate the website. .Architecture of the website can seriously impact site ranking up ability .This include things like a clear structure, fast loading time a safe connection and a mobile friendly design.When designing, building and optimizing website architecture,one should pay attention to crawlability mobile responsiveness loading speed and security of a website. Crawlability Website should be easy for search engines to crawl it.This makes it easy for Google

search bot to index and understand the website. Relevant internal links between pages of same website enable Google to crawl easily.Crawlability also improves by creating a sitemap. Duplicate content.There should be no duplicate content which causes canonical issues.Canonical issues occur when one or more URLS on your site display similar or duplicate content. Mobile responsiveness A website should be mobile friendly. Speed.
Loading of the page should be quick.if speed is slow then chances of upranking by Google will be less. Security . one should purchase an SSL certificate to secure ones website.in this way there will be a little lock next to URL so users know your site is secured.This is an important trust signal.To improve site architecture, understand core web vitals,get a sitemap and fix canonical issues. Trust. Trust is important ranking factor. Google uses an algorithm called trustRank to determine a website quality .To build up trust,authority,bounce rate and domain age are important .Google determines the overall authority of a website by domain authority and page authority. Bounce rate is simply a measure of how many people view only one page on your site before immediately leaving again. One can decrease ones bounce rate by creating great content, improving site speed and attracting your audience.Domain age is the age of website.Oldest websites are more respected.As an oldest person in the room is most respected.To build more trust understand user intent and give them what they want.Building more trust is a time requiring procedure. LINKS.
Backlink is a link a website receives from another website.Gaining backlinks from high authority websites is the best way to improve your seo. Backlinks must be of high quality to rank up the website.The number of backlinks may be low but quality of backlinks must be high
Anchor text is the text one attaches to a link .To improve link profile don’t take shortcuts. Building backlinks involves having conversation with people,and telling them how you can provide value to their site.Look for broken links opportunities but links must be related with the same niche .and discuss the issue via email or social media if possible.Backlinks are checked with tools. If some backlinks are toxic ,should be removed as soon as possible with proper procedure.Internal links in between pages of the same website are equaly important. .Local Seo.
Local seo aims to rank business in the map and local listing results on search engines.In local seo the location of the searcher and your business,NAP citations and online reviews are important. In local seo location of the searcher and location of business is the most important local SEO ranking factor.In local seo proximity is most important.NAP citations are important. NAP stands for name address and phone number of the business on line. The more NAP citations you have, the better. One can consider NAPcitations as local seo backlinks.In local seo online reviews are the final important local SEO ranking factor. The websites have more five star reviews will have more business. To improve local seo, optimize your website for local seo, encourage customers to leave a review and build more NAPcitations. Social factors of offpage Seo.
Besides social signals there are other ways – social media can help in ranking up.There are two main factors that influence social aspects for SEO.—The quality of your shares and the number of your shares.Seo marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand because the goal is to tell Google how great you are.To improve social sharing,create great content,be consistent and posting consistently on social media is important.Repeatedly one should post information about a brand on social media.A high quality page needs to possess a high level of user experience,expertise ,authority trustworthiness.—E-E-A-T.


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